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Viruses are everywhere on the internet these days. They are one of the biggest problems Canadians and Calgarians face when using the internet. Even if you practice smart web surfing, you can find yourself with a virus. There are a few simple ways to avoid getting viruses on your computer that, while not 100% effective, should keep you virus free for extended periods of time.

First of all, avoid sites with a great deal of invasive advertising. If the site is fine with invasive advertising in the form of ads that make noises, pop-ups and/or ads that cover over the actual content of the site, then the site will probably give your computer adware, spyware and viruses. Some sites will have fake or very shallow content in addition to invasive advertising, which is a major sign you are at a bad site that will give you viruses. Exit that site immediately.

Secondly, we all know the internet is a place for private affairs as well as public ones. Adult sites are notorious for giving your computer viruses, adware, and spyware. To best browse these sites, try using a more secure web browser such as Google Chrome, rather than Internet Explorer. Google Chrome also has extensions that allow you to block invasive advertising. Search “ad blocker” in Google Chrome’s extension store to find a suitable program. You should always run these extensions when viewing adult material.

Thirdly, do not download email attachments from unknown or questionable senders. Scams to make you download viruses as email attachments are cleverer and more prevalent than ever. Emails will tell you the package you ordered was sent back or damaged. These usually won’t work for those who aren’t waiting on a package, but for those who are it’s a very effective scam. Make sure the email is legitimate with a company logo and the correct package tracking number. Another popular attachment scam is an email saying your direct deposit didn’t go through. If it’s not from your bank or your employer, do not open the email.

Fourthly, although this isn’t as important as practicing safe, protected searching, is having a good firewall and virus scanner program. The most effective programs will cost money, however the least effective programs also cost money. Avoid the most well known anti-virus software such as Norton and McAfee because they are cumbersome programs that will slow down your computer. Faster, cheaper programs will be more effective at catching viruses. Be sure to do your research when buying anti-virus software. There are certain free anti-virus programs that are decent, however they will not be the best. These programs include Avira and AVG, which are both adequate.

Follow these tips for a nearly computer virus free existence. If you do happen to get a virus a Calgary computer repair company will be able to fix it for you. So do not worry too much about viruses, most won’t destroy your computer if it is caught soon enough.

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