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I have considered for a long time to renovate my apartment. Recently that though has become even stronger as I have new neighbors that are very noisy. They have moved in three months ago and the noise they make is unbearable. They have two children that are very young and run around nonstop. They also don’t seem to remove their shoes as I can hear the woman’s high heels every morning before she goes to work. I have wondered what to do to save myself from all that noise.

The next day I went to visit my sister, which is an architect and lives in the town nearby. I shared my problems with her and to my biggest surprise she had a solution. She told me that her latest project was insulating a building that has just been finished. However, the builders have missed to place insulation and now it has to be done. She said that she found a company called Rockwool that had the best product for that purpose. They have used it and the people living in the building are very happy with the qualities of insulation. I think that is exactly what I need. We had a lunch and a coffee afterwards and then I left.

The next morning I went on the internet to search some more info for the company and also to get the details of their branches. I was amazed that they had an office in the area I live. I went there straight away to see what they could offer me. I explained the problem to the sales representative and he said that they have the perfect product for me – ceiling insulation. The best bit was that the properties of that ceiling insulation were endless however, the ones that concerned me the most were the following – fire resistance, water and moisture repellant and soundproofing. What a result! The insulation came in flat pieces and was easy to work with. I used to work as a builder so I was confident that I could do the job properly. I called my mate just to help me. The insulation is lightweight but quite bulky so I needed someone to hand it over to me.

The next day we had it ready and by the end of the day the job was finished. I was very impressed with my new ceiling insulation as it reduced the noise from upstairs and not only that but it is helping to retain the heat in the apartment rather than keeping the neighbors warm.

I would suggest to any of you not to hesitate and purchase this quality insulation from the leader on the market and you will feel the results immediately. The investment is well worth it and will bring you much comfort. Furthermore, you will seal the most common places where the heat escapes from your home during the winter and you will reduce your energy expenses as well.

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